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In general, people love to make lists and we do too. There’s no greater satisfaction than to immediately see order. Right? Right! So here we are. List number 1 of the many many we plan to make here.

  1. Crisis Era & RayRay Naughty

Let’s start with this track. A song born in Thailand during the Barong Family studio camp. Matt and Silas were on fire the entire week and I believe their third session was with RayRay. Silas had the idea for the direction of the vocals and worked on them together with Ray. Back in Canada, the boys from Crisis Era finished the drop while RayRay flew to Amsterdam to shoot the music video. Yea we’re running a smooth operation over here.

  1. Out Of CookiesCrying On My Shoulder

But wait… This song isn’t out yet. That’s right. But, it’s already on number 4 in this list. Just wanted to make sure you guys are looking out for this one. This song is dropping December 11th and boooyyyyyy is this heat. Our friend OOO (yea we had to shorten this already) hasn’t been on the label long but he’s one productive cookie. More to come is all we can say.

  1. Lil Texas – Double Bass Drum (Dysomia Remix)

We haven’t met these guys in real life yet we only hung out on Zoom like one suppose to do during COVID but their production game is strong and very very interesting. We asked them to remix at least one Barong Family record every two weeks. And this is number 1. We love it a bunch.

  1. NonsensBright lights

There’s something about this song because it’s nonstop on repeat. It’s just very well written I guess. The vocal is so contagious. For some reason, it brings back a lot of rave feelings. Can’t wait to drop this one at a big festival like EDC or Tomorrowland.

  1. WiwekStereoplein

Who else but the King of the jungle. BF member from day one and still on the same grind in his pursuit of innovating dance music. Wiwek is a true G and this song is a perfect example of his craft. Oh yea, we remixed this one too btw.